English Trumpeters   by Mickey Jackson


I have been promoting the beautiful English Trumpeter pigeon for many years. I remember seeing the breed for the first time in the 1960's at a fellow neighborhood loft. At the time, I was just a teenager and already had a few other breeds of fancy pigeons. I was from the first taken by the English Trumpeters beauty and uniqueness and knew that this breed I had to have, but
it took me a few years before I was finally able to purchase them.

The English Trumpeter is among the most popular fancy show breeds in North America. The modern English Trumpeter is truly a North American creation. Their ancestors were brought to the United States and Canada in the late 1800's from England and Europe. Being part of the broad family of Trumpeter pigeons (referring to their voice, which is a trumpeting or drumming sound),  they probably originated in the central Asia region.

I will help anyone interested in the breed. If I can not help you with what you are looking for, I will put you in touch with someone who can.


Mickey Jackson
1809 Manzana Rd.
Carlsbad N.M 88220
Ph. 575-885-5373
Cell  575-200-4104

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